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MM Centers (SIA M & M Centrs) stands for Medical and Arts Center. We are a company that started its career as a private practice with artistic solutions and innovative ways of consulting patients. We also use animal-based therapies, such as reittherapy.

With the help of the electronic database, we have good patient transparency following the GPDR. And it is still very important for us to find innovative ways to combine medicine and art. We believe that clinical research is very innovative type of treatment.

We are a research center with many years of experience. In our development process, we have gone through shortcomings at an early stage and have learned to follow the GCP. In 2020, we will expand our operations and be able to operate in the areas of the clinical research industry mentioned below. We look forward to cooperate with you.

Reinis Pavlovs

CCRC, Site owner

We started to work as a clinical research site in early 2011. Most studies were related to rheumatology, but we have proven our best in asthma, psoriasis, allergies and other indications as well and we look forward to expand indications.

Are you a pharmaceutical company, CRA or clinical research center? Use us to include patients with certain diagnoses in clinical trials. This option can be used if the Sponsor no longer wishes to include research centers. Ask us how many patients we can recommend and help with inclusion. We can use a local database or create our own global ad. Each contract with each company is prepared separately.

Are you a Clinical Research Site? Ask us to help improve your study documentation. We assist sites to comply GCP requirements and we do most of documentation for you. We will help to deal with contracts and budgets.

If it is more advantageous, you can hire our staff remotely. What can we do?

·        Assist in completing feasibility and startup documentation

·        Remote chart review to build a backlog of potential patients

·        Remote screening and education of potential patients

·        Keeping current study participants engaged

·        Support for source document creation for the site

·        Perform remote data entry for the site

·        Handling query resolution in a timely manner


Patient population of our network

Our network locations - multi site, site network and collaborative doctors databases. Please ask for actual updates as we are growing.

Our patient population


Animated Number


Gaujas Street, Adazi - General Practice


Gogola Street, Riga - Narcology


Rigas Street, Baldone - General Practice


Pilsonu street, Riga - Rheumatology


Zakumuiza, Ropazi - General Practice


Gaujas Street, Adazi - Inpatient Facility


Ieriku Street, Riga - General Practice


Sadovnikova Street, Riga - Pulmonology, Allergology, Dermatology


Duntes Street, Riga - Dermatology




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